Conscious Cornwall

Having founded Naturally Cornish at the start of the pandemic, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to many great Cornish businesses, during what has been a very turbulent year for many of the companies. Some businesses have skyrocketed throughout 2020, while others have had to really think about how they re-engineer their businesses for the new world that we find ourselves in.

One great example is a fishmonger whose business was solely to supply the restaurants around Cornwall. When the first lockdown occurred, he lost most of his business overnight. For his business to survive, he decided to adapt and rebrand as an online business, which became a thriving success.

My conversations have covered a vast range of topics, from issues of getting raw materials for production, supply chain difficulties to marketing their brand effectively. From the research Naturally Cornish carried out earlier this year, Cornwall is going through a massive change with regards to its marketability nationally and internationally.

Conscious consumers are championing a shopping movement, as a growing market want to only purchase ethical, sustainable, beautifully crafted products that last a lifetime. Caring about nature, provenance, creativity and the future of our environment. Cornwall naturally encompasses all these elements and continues to be the shining light. This is one of the reasons why I set up Naturally Cornish, so to support the businesses and causes that lead by example and share these values.

During this pandemic, our food and drink partners have seen a massive boost in sales, predominantly due to more people spending time at home. These forward-thinking companies have been extremely busy throughout 2020, with many of them finding it hard to focus on marketing for their brand, which is becoming increasingly important in these changing climates. Cornish beauty and skincare brands have also experienced exponential growth, as conscious consumers are eager to purchase local, organic beauty products made from the purest ingredients.

Cornwall saw its largest ever growth of new company registrations in 2019. The number of registered companies in Cornwall is 23,037, up from 21,904 at the end of 2018 – equating to 5.2% growth. It’s exciting to think about how many more registrations there will be next year. One thing I know for sure is that Cornish companies will band together to help each other out, making sure that everyone has a chance of succeeding in these difficult times. This is something that is so impressive about the Cornish business community. We are looking to do many cross-marketing initiatives at Naturally Cornish in 2021, and the nature of companies helping each other out has really helped us in planning some unique marketing across the UK and internationally.

One of the areas of growth that has intrigued companies, is in regards as to when Naturally Cornish will be marketing internationally and what experience this can provide to our partners. We are certainly looking to market heavily to locations such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, USA and Australia. We will be working closely with the Department for International Trade and use our contacts in those countries to promote our Cornish brands.

We’re excited about things to come. Naturally Cornish are always looking to bring onboard any Cornish forward facing business, so please get in touch if you feel the Naturally Cornish concept can help boost your business.

Happy Selling!                                                                               


Founder of Naturally Cornish