Cornish Female Entrepreneurs

It’s that time of year when we take a few moments to thank the incredible, visionary female entrepreneurs whose brands not only bring so much joy, but are shaping the future of Cornwall. At Naturally Cornish, we celebrate, encourage and empower all women, so for International Women’s Day we wanted to share the stories of four of our favourite female business founders. From natural skincare founder, Katie Welch to textile designer, Caitilin Finch, meet the high-powered Cornish women changing the game. 

Katie Welch

Following a lifetime of reacting badly to shop-bought skin care products, and seeing that her young daughter seemed to be developing the same sensitivities, founder, Katie, started looking for alternatives. Studying to become a medical herbalist to gain more knowledge around the power of nature’s own bounty, Katie started making completely handmade, organic products for her family and friends, using only local, foraged botanicals. Receiving rave reviews about her nourishing remedies, the idea of Ma Naturals was born. Now with a whole range of beautiful skin and body care products, Katie creates one-a-kind skin wonders with an ever-growing cult following. Watch this space.

Shop Ma Naturals here. 

Caitilin Finch

A published author of two healthy first food recipe books, Caitilin’s love for the home has always been a driving inspiration for her. Having learnt to sew at a very young age, Caitilin began her venture by making aprons and accessories for her children - which quickly developed into a full-time business. Now as one of Cornwall’s most renowned textile designers, Caitilin still sources all her fabrics locally and maintains a zero-waste policy, with any leftover fabric being used to make purses and re-usable facial wipes. Caitilin’s textile collection is bursting with bright, bold and brilliant patterns that are all designed to inject endless fun and colour into your life - and who doesn’t want that?

Shop Caitilin’s Textiles here.

Paige Pleasants

Having started silversmithing in 2014 as a hobby, Teylu Collective founder, Paige, decided to turn her passion into her own label. Her love for the Cornish coast and the environment is evident in her handmade pieces, where even the sea glass has been hand picked from Paige’s local beaches. Every piece is made-to-order and lovingly handmade in her studio. Paige makes life a little sparklier, one jewellery piece at a time.

Shop Teylu Collective here.

Dreya Bennett

As one of Cornwall’s most prominent artists, Dreya has created her own trademark language in glass, through colourful, eye-catching artwork that is inspired by the crashing Atlantic surf. As a former world-record breaking professional kite surfer, you can feel Dreya’s love and connection to the ocean in her pieces. Choosing to work only with glass allows Dreya to recreate the reflection of the sun on the sea, as light bounces off her pieces around the room. For those who aren’t lucky enough to see the sea every day, her beautiful pieces will transport you to your favourite Cornish beach. 

Shop Dreya’s glass here.

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