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About me and my love of dogs

Hi I’m Liz, I am an illustrator and designer living in Cornwall, and since 2008 she has been running an illustration business creating illustrations for her customers. In 2020, during lockdown Sketchy Hounds was created, as Liz needed a way of continuing her illustrations when things were quieter'.

 However since rescuing my dog called Denzel (a Lurcher x Springer Spaniel) and seeing his quirky ways I found myself sketching him (mainly asleep!) and he helped me find my love of hand drawn illustrations again.

From this, I started drawing other dogs, and then became a little bit obsessed in drawing lots of dogs capturing their unique characteristics! 

A passion for Graphic Design

I graduated from Graphic design over 12 years ago, but over the past few years I have slowly gone back to my roots to do lots more illustration and doodling again, something I have loved to do for years.

All my work is initially hand drawn in the traditional way using pencil or pen, sketched onto paper. My designs are then brought to life digitally in a bright and happy vector style. 

Colour and patterns

I love colour especially bright colours, patterns, walking my dog, music and coffee. You will often find me in my home studio combining a lot of my loves at once, drawing whilst listening to music and drinking a cup of coffee.

I'm currently converting a studio in the garden to have somewhere as a bright workspace to draw lots more hounds, so please watch this space for more dog products. 

Customer Favourites

Pawfect for dog lovers