Dreya Glass is a glass studio in Newquay Cornwall offering fused glass wall art and and objects of desire. We also specialise in stained glass work. Bespoke designs, standard designs and restoration.

Founded by Dreya Bennet, her designs are inspired by the sea and its different moods. Dreya’s fascination for the sea and water, in general, began with the swimming pools and the sea in Africa. Her love of water intensified on return to Cornwall; seeing its beautiful beaches and the crashing Atlantic surf of the Cornish Coastline.

Glasswork came into Dreya’s life by accident while studying at Falmouth art college.  She instantly fell in love with the look and the process of working with glass. This led to a specialism in Architectural Stained Glass at Swansea. Since retiring from competitive sport, Dreya Bennet glass art has taken off.