Lantic Gin is a wild-foraged artisan gin from Cornwall. Named after the picturesque Lantic Bay, it is foraged for flavour, with each small batch given its distinctive taste by wild herbs and native botanicals bound by the seasons and cycles of Cornwall.

Each batch is hand crafted with passion and care to capture the seasonal scents and seaside character of Cornwall. An award winning gin that rekindles the most captivating coastal dreams.

Lantic is delicately crafted in small batches by Alex Palmer Samborne at the Skylark Distillery; the birds whose song is the soundtrack to so many foraging expeditions along the rugged coasts, meandering paths, and cliff-top meadows of Cornwall.

Having grown up in the South-West, Alex is on a mission to explore the wilder side of gin by making seasonal spirits from locally foraged botanicals, invoking artisan skills belonging to pre-industrial craft and our foraging past.