What the Thompson brothers at St Ives Liquor Co don’t know about standout spirits is probably not worth knowing. Having owned The Searoom in St Ives, and seen their fair share of drink consumption, they decided to embark on a new adventure of crafting their own unique gins and liquors. Taking inspiration from their beautiful home harbour and countryside, they focused on using local ingredients and becoming the first cold compound gin distillery in the county.

Even with their roots firmly in Cornish soil, they don’t shy away from experimenting with exotic ingredients, from beautiful blood orange gins to lemon liquors. Welcome to the undercurrent of the Cornish spirit scene.

St.Ives Liquor Co began life the same way all good things start, in a bar. Luckily though the bar in question was ours, The Searoom in St Ives. After five years running the place and serving many, many drinks along the way, we thought it was high time to stop buying in the same generic brands and create a new one of our own - that signified what we stood for. A year and many late nights planning later, our first batch of St Ives Gin hit the shelves.