Tan Dowr Premium Cornish Sea Salt Vodka is the Unique 'Spirit' of Cornwall - The Ultimate bedrock for an inspired Cocktail!

“Tan Dowr” – Is the Cornish translation for Fire Water. With Cornish roots steeped in the legend and lore of our iconic, ever-changing coastline “Tan Dowr” Sea Salt Vodka evolves from the tangy taste of sea spray. A clean, crisp, fusion of flavours delivers the ultimate bedrock for an inspired cocktail.

Whether a classic savoury ‘Bloody Mary’ or for the sweeter palate a “Salted Caramel Espresso Martini. Like all premium Vodkas, Tan Dowr’s subtle nuances are best enjoyed ice cold.

With our homeland as the ultimate inspiration, Tan Dowr was destined to encompass the very elements that define Cornwall.

Having grown up by the coast, with salt in the air and being surrounded by a plethora of craft Cornish products we were inspired to create something of our own which encompasses us and our county.