SeaKisses is the brainchild of beach loving friends, Jo and Sue. Each artwork, homeware and accessory piece is lovingly handcrafted and designed to give your home and life a touch of coastal calm. From hammam towels, art prints to tableware, SeaKisses is the need-to-know brand for those who love dreamy days beside the sea. 

What made you decide to start SeaKisses, and what's the inspiration behind it? 

During long afternoons watching their kids play together on the beach Jo and  Sue noted that most of the local products on sale in Cornwall shops were either  extremely expensive works of art or cheap, unpleasant things with Cornwall  stamped on them. They both wanted to buy lovely things for their homes that  reminded them of the amazing place that they lived and their hunch was that  other people felt the same. They wrote a print about Fowey, took it to a local shop who agreed to sell it and SeaKisses was born. 

What did you do before creating the SeaKisses? 

Jo worked for a large stationery company and then took a degree in computing,  so she is a digital wizard. Sue worked for a publishing company and ran brands  ranging from ELLE and Red to Q, Mojo and Smash Hits so she has lots of funny  stories about famous people. 

Where does your inspiration come from? 

We live in the most amazing county. We both have dogs so walks on the coast path provide daily inspiration with the sea views and hidden coves. Sue has just about finished walking the Cornwall section of the SW Coast Path and Jo has just got her first SUP board so is looking forward to some waterborne adventures. 

What have been the biggest challenges/achievements, or your favourite story  on your journey so far? 

We started SeaKisses with nothing more than ideas and no money and have grown it by being prepared to try crazy ideas. Some things have gone well but we have had a lot of mess ups along the way. I could tell you that we had 500 towels  printed with a spelling mistake on them - but no-one would believe we were that  stupid, would they? 

How would you describe SeaKisses in three words? 

Make You Smile Style (we are terrible at maths!) 

What is your connection to Cornwall? 

We live here, we have brought our kids up here and we flipping love it.

Do you have a special spot in Cornwall that inspires you? The Coast - every single bit of it. 

What's next / any exciting plans? 

We plan to put a little bit of seaside happiness into every home in the UK.

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