With their spirits rooted in all things natural, Graces Court founders Paul and Melissa, seek inspiration from their beautiful surroundings of the Cornish countryside and coast, to create their organic candles, diffusers, soaps and bath bombs.They use artisan techniques to ensure superior quality in style, fragrance and luxury. Time to power your wellbeing.

What made you decide to start Graces Court, and what's the inspiration behind it?

In December 2014 we lost our 1 year old son William to sepsis. In the aftermath we had to 'keep busy' so we started making simple home fragrance products for ourselves, like candles and reed diffusers. We had always struggled to buy products that were 'clean', natural and cruelty free at a reasonable price. During the next three years I campaigned at a national level regarding sepsis awareness and treatment, the result being awarded an MBE. We then had another child, Arthur, it was the birth of Arthur that made us 'stop'. Consider where we were going and what we wanted to do. We wanted to build ourselves a life that gave us more freedom to be with Arthur, not to miss anything and do something we really enjoyed doing. Life is short and life is precious. Graces Court was born. 

What did you do before creating the Graces Court?

Before we lost William I was training to become a paraplanner and financial adviser, Paul was an engineer. 

Where does your inspiration come from?

Everything! We have inquisitive minds, we both like to know how things work and how things are made. After beginning with home fragrance products we branched out into organic soaps, bath bombs and more! 

What have been the biggest challenges/achievements, or your favourite story on your journey so far?

The biggest challenge was definitely when the business had to 'grow-up'. Being a mature business and not just a side hustle! Rules, regulations, safety all take time, resources and money. We've always wanted to make sure that we get it right, and getting it right takes time. One of our biggest achievements was moving to our commercial unit and employing staff! But the best achievement is a good review, when someone buys an organic soap and comes back to say how fantastic it left their skin feeling, how soft and so much lather always makes me smile inside and out!

How would you describe Graces Court in three words?

Artisan, Homely and Cornish!

What is your connection to Cornwall?

I was born here and Paul moved here when he was very young, we've lived here most of our lives. Our children were born here and this is where we're staying. 

Do you have a special spot in Cornwall that inspires you?

I find inspiration in most things, but outdoors especially, the beaches, fresh air, the colours, sunsets, sunrises, the countryside. I'm not sure I could pick a favourite.

What's next / any exciting plans?

We are expanding our product lines. We definitely feel there is so much more we can do. We have quite a number of stockists that sell Graces Court products, so seeing our products in more and more places is exciting.

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