We have a lot to thank the French Alps for. Not just because it is one of the most stunning areas of Europe – it’s also where the idea of the delicious Jubel beer was born. Founders and friends Jesse and Tom, were having après-ski drinks when they discovered a delightfully refreshing peach syrup lager, known as a ‘demi-pêche’. Deciding the UK needed it’s own variation – and an even better one – Jesse and Tom set to work on launching the first fruit beer to be produced on British shores. Brewed in Cornwall, their lively lagers pack a fruity punch with the addition of peach, elderflower or zesty grapefruit, while still retaining a classic pilsner flavour profile. Oh, did we mention they're also vegan and gluten free? Beer o’clock has never sounded so sweet.

What made you decide to start Jubel, and what's the inspiration behind it?

We discovered two things during some après antics at La Folie Douce. The first was Jubel - an après anthem that meant “a feeling of extreme joy”. The second was demi-pêche - a pint of lager with a peach top. This dangerously refreshing beer secret swiftly became the beer style we wanted to drink that no one brewed, so we sunk our savings into a trial brew that flew at a festival, and escaped our 9-5s to pioneer a new style of beer.

What did you do before creating Jubel?

I had a very short-lived corporate career as brand manager for Maltesers but I was itching to launch my own brand

How are your products made, what are the ingredients and where are they sourced from?

We brew our lager using British-sourced malt and hops, and we infuse the beer at the end of conditioning with fresh fruit extracts produced in England. 

What have been the biggest challenges/achievements, or your favourite story on your journey so far?

Our first big retail customer was Selfridges and their delivery of Jubel didn't arrive in time for the launch, so I had to get an Uber with a load of beer and run it through the front door at Selfridges and straight onto the display stand for our launch. It was a chaotic start to the listing but the beer flew and we ended up selling out at launch.

How would you describe Jubel in three words?

The Après Beer.

What is your connection to Cornwall?

Our vision for Jubel is The Après Beer - the beer for drinking to the before and making a moment out of the after. Après sea is a big part of that - being the beer for after a surf, swim or day on the beach. We launched Jubel in Cornwall because it is the perfect place to celebrate sea culture and St Austell Brewery were brewing and distributing our beer as well.

Do you have a special spot in Cornwall that inspires you?

I have amazing memories of walking from Polzeath to Padstow with some good family friends and finishing with a pint and a pasty in the pub. 

What's next / any exciting plans? 

We can't wait for pubs to reopen. We went big with our portable bars last summer which we called 'Fruit Machines' - bringing fresh pints to the people, so I'm looking forward to getting those back out there again and enjoying a warm summer with a lot of cold beer.

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