The Coconut Bee started with two questions. Why are there so many ingredients in skincare products? And why are they all packaged in plastic? Founded by Holly and Anthony in 2017, The Coconut Bee had a goal of creating 100% natural, non-synthetic, plastic free beauty and hair care products that keeps the ocean happy and gets everyone glowing, inside and out. Cherry-picking the highest quality organic ingredients, their products will nourish your skin, body, hair and soul after any sea adventure. Welcome to the sustainable, minimalist skincare revolution.

What made you decide to start The Coconut Bee, and what's the inspiration behind it? 

The Coconut Bee was founded by myself and my partner Anthony back in 2017. We are both earth conscious and passionate about keeping our oceans clean and we were getting so fed up of reading the back of plastic beauty products and seeing a long list of pointless, synthetic additives. We both love the ocean and decided to create a brand that catered to the earth conscious consumer with a fresh coastal influence.

What did you do before creating The Coconut Bee? 

I’m a qualified dance instructor and was raised in a very holistic environment. My mum comes from an aromatherapy background and has always been a source of inspiration for me. I love nature and before we started our brand, I spent some time travelling and studying organic formulation.  

How are your products made, what are the ingredients and where are they sourced from? 

All Coconut Bee products are formulated and manufactured by ourselves right here in Truro. It’s always been so important to us to stick to our core values when it comes to sourcing our ingredients and packaging. I wanted to create something we would be happy to buy ourselves, with organic, active and sustainably sourced ingredients – so nothing synthetic, no palm oil or additives that aren’t reef safe. It’s also incredibly important that our ingredients have not been tested on animals and that our containers are plastic free! 

Alongside this, we wanted to create a line of products that are super nourishing for skin and hair exposed to the elements, as we live by the coast this massively inspired our range and its benefits. We use essential oil blends to fragrance our products instead of synthetic fragrance oils, this is because essential oils are full of beneficial properties and are 100% plant derived.  

Where does your inspiration come from? 

Cornwall is a massive source of inspiration for us, it’s impossible not to be constantly reminded of its beauty and wildness. Our brand is very coastal influenced with many of our products tailored for adventure seekers and water lovers! When you’re exposed to the elements your skin and hair can be left in need of some deep natural nourishment. I’m a firm believer that our planet provides everything we need to thrive, and this includes natural solutions for any of our skin and hair care needs.

What have been the biggest challenges/achievements, or your favourite story on your journey so far? 

Every day is an achievement for us. We have put so much time and effort into  the set up of the business without any investment - so we are extremely happy to be where we are! Also, we love that we are able to use our brand to support women of all ages in the water, we are beyond proud to be able to sponsor three professional female athletes in their journeys. We want to create a community that celebrates all women and their passions for life, breaks down the walls of negative beauty standards and encourages women to feel beautiful in their own skin naturally

The biggest challenge we have found so far is that there aren't a lot of  options when it comes to being an eco-friendly brand. The beauty industry is filled with single use plastic and synthetic ingredients/additives and we often  get told that there aren’t alternative options due to what eventually comes down to cost. As this just isn’t an option for us it usually takes us a long time to source the right ingredients and materials for our products which can slow things down. Definitely a challenge but one we will never compromise with.  

How would you describe The Coconut Bee in three words?

Earth, conscience and beauty.

What is your connection to Cornwall? 

I have lived in Cornwall pretty much my entire life and no matter where I go in  the world, I could never stay away from this beautiful county too long! It’s so wild and simply feels like home to me... I’m certain my love affair with the  Cornish coast will last a lifetime.  

Do you have a special spot in Cornwall that inspires you? 

Anthony and I definitely have a special spot on Perranporth Beach tucked away on one of the rocks – we have spent so much time sat watching the ocean and planning out all of our ambitions for The Coconut Bee and our future.  

What's next / any exciting plans?

We have so much in the pipeline for The Coconut Bee in 2021! After experiencing some delays in 2020 due to the pandemic we are hoping to have our face oil released in the upcoming months. Alongside that, there will be  more video content for our socials and DIY recipes for our followers and subscribers! My head is forever bursting with ideas and formulations so watch this space!

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