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BORA Botanical Rum eco-refil


Want to stock up on BORA Botanical Rum, save money, and help protect the planet? Then our recently launched eco-refill pouch is for you. The same volume of delicious dry, light, aromatic rum as is in our normal bottle but for less: less waste; less weight; less CO2.

Our refill pouch means that you can reuse our beautiful bottle time and time again. Good for you, good for us, and good for the environment. And all importantly, it should mean that you never run low on BORA again!

Penryn Spirits is on a mission to breathe new life into traditional spirits. Combining contradictions is fundamental to everything we do: blending the local with the global; mixing the traditional with the modern; distilling the unexpected from the familiar.

Penryn Spirits was founded by Pete and Willoughby, who have harboured dreams of running a distillery together since they met at Britannia Royal Navy College over 10 years ago.

We are inspired by the rugged landscapes around us and seek to harness the wealth in flavour of the botanicals on our doorstep. Our spirits are crafted sustainably, use eco-friendly packaging, and are a carbon negative product. Unavoidable emissions are offset by planting trees across Cornwall.

Penryn Spirits is home to BORA Botanical Rum, the rum for gin lovers.


Shipping for Penryn Spirits orders is £4.00.

Note that this charge is for Penryn Spirits products only. If you order includes products from other suppliers on, you will be subject to their shipping charges as well.

At we want to change ‘throw away’ consumer culture, and give people a way to buy better. For us, this means promoting sustainable, ethical, local, and well-crafted products to you, the conscious consumer who prioritises quality, longevity and well-being over faddy, fast ‘n’ cheap.

Every item bought from comes from a good place. A place of restless drive and innovation, where small, independent companies live and die by their reputations.

A place where people adapt and modernise and progress and move with the world around them in the name of betterment for all. That place is Cornwall, and we can’t think of anything more worthwhile than supporting our industries and showcasing our craft around the world.

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