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Cornish Pink Clay Mask Powder


The superfine Kaolin clay in our pretty pink mask powder is mined here in Cornwall, just as it has been since it was discovered in 1746. It doesn't come out pink, of course, we've cheated - into this delicate, non-drying base, we've blended Hibiscus powder, and locally foraged, Cornish rose petals, which give it its pale blush tint. 

Neutral in pH, and full of natural silicas and AHAs, this gentle clay mask helps to exfoliate, and clear the skin of excess oil without stripping the life out of it. Used regularly, it will stimulate your cells, brightening and toning your skin. Both hibiscus and rose are healing, soothing, and moisturising, and they smell divine. 

In a small, non-metal bowl, mix an amount of Mask Powder with a few drops of warm water, or honey, at a time until you achieve a workable paste. Smooth a good layer evenly over your face, avoiding the eye area, and leave for a few minutes until it's starting to dry, but is still tacky - we recommend not leaving it until it's dried completely. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Follow with a Ma facial serum or balm for a complete luxury treatment.  



Cornish Kaolin clay; Hibiscus powder*; Cornish rose petal powder; Rose Absolute*.


Ma Naturals makes pure, gentle skincare, with ingredients only from Mother Nature’s bounty. Leaving the beauty of nature to nourish your skin, body and mind.

The idea for Ma was born after founder, Katie, was tired of suffering from bad reactions to shop-bought skincare, and could see her young daughter developing the same issues.

While studying to become a medical herbalist, Katie started making completely organic, pure products for her family and friends to use, using her expertise and love of Cornish botanicals.

We make everything by hand from a small development kitchen in Wadebridge. Our Cornish ingredients are from Cornwall, of course! Some are bought direct from suppliers, such as the Sea Buckthorn that comes from Seth Pascoe in Lostwithiel, or are homegrown, such as the rosehips and petals that we use for our infused oils or powders. Otherwise, we use organic ingredients where possible, which are all sourced from reputable traders who can guarantee provenance and sustainable practices. 

Shipping for Ma Naturals orders is FREE.

Note that this charge is for Ma Naturals products only. If you order includes products from other suppliers on, you will be subject to their shipping charges as well.

We bring you the best curated range of high quality, environmentally conscious gifts from across the beautiful county of Cornwall.

At we want to change ‘throw away’ consumer culture, and give people a way to buy better. For us, this means promoting sustainable, ethical, local, and well-crafted products to you, the conscious consumer who prioritises quality, longevity and well-being over faddy, fast ‘n’ cheap.

Every item bought from comes from a good place. A place of restless drive and innovation, where small, independent companies live and die by their reputations.

A place where people adapt and modernise and progress and move with the world around them in the name of betterment for all. That place is Cornwall, and we can’t think of anything more worthwhile than supporting our industries and showcasing our craft around the world.

Naturally Cornish partner with the Made In Cornwall scheme, backed by the Chamber of Commerce, Cornwall Council and Visit Cornwall to ensure that we champion the most authentic producers with real Cornish provenance.


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