Pocketful of Stones

Screach Cider Brandy



We have teamed up with Noah from Screach Cider to produce this truly amazing Cider Brandy.

It has been an excruciating few months waiting for this baby to mature, but finally, it’s here!

Working with Noah, a larger than life Cornish farmer who just happens to make a really good cider, has been an experience in itself. He is true to his craft and picks, mills, and presses his own apples and then ferments for months until the right flavours have developed.

Noah doesn’t take any shortcuts and he certainly doesn’t rush the process. We get on well!

The Cider Brandy itself has been double distilled in our copper pot still, Jackson. The distillate has then been split and left to mature in American Bourbon oak casks. Only 400 bottles are produced every year. 2018 was sold out and we only have a limited amount of the 2019 vintage available.

40% Alc/Vol 70CL

Pocketful Of Stones supply hand crafted spirits, distilled with passion in Penzance, Cornwall.

Their story starts behind the bar, moves to the distillery and then back to the bar. They started working and living together in bars in central London. They all learned lots and lots about spirits and fell in love with their rich history.

They abandoned the crowds of London for the wilds of Cornwall and are pouring all that experience into Pocketful of Stones.

Pocketful Of Stones orders are £3.99 for standard delivery (3-5 working days) and £5 for express delivery (1-2 working days).

Note that this charge is for Pocketful Of Stones products only. If you order includes products from other suppliers on www.naturallycornish.com, you will be subject to their shipping charges as well.

At naturallycornish.com we want to change ‘throw away’ consumer culture, and give people a way to buy better. For us, this means promoting sustainable, ethical, local, and well-crafted products to you, the conscious consumer who prioritises quality, longevity and well-being over faddy, fast ‘n’ cheap.

Every item bought from naturallycornish.com comes from a good place. A place of restless drive and innovation, where small, independent companies live and die by their reputations.

A place where people adapt and modernise and progress and move with the world around them in the name of betterment for all. That place is Cornwall, and we can’t think of anything more worthwhile than supporting our industries and showcasing our craft around the world.

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