Abel Burners

The Abel Apothecary Set


Our brand new Apothecary set includes;

600g Pink Himalayan Bath Salt
100ml Byron Room Spray
100g Activated Charcoal Soap Bar


600g Glass Apothecary Bottle

Known for its pink colour, Himalayan Salt is loaded with 83 minerals. These bath salts are beautifully nourishing and detoxifying for your skin, blended by hand with Lavender botanicals. To provide a truly relaxing soak, leaving your skin silky smooth – simply add a handful to your bath.

Ingredients: Pink Himalayan Salt, Dried Lavender.


100g Face and Body Soap Bar

Our purifying organic activated charcoal soap is handmade and cut right from the loaf here in Cornwall. Not only does it produce a beautiful, creamy lather that will soothe the most sea-scoured of skins, but charcoal naturally draws impurities from your pores – leaving you soft, clarified and blemish free.

100% Organic and naturally scented. Avoid direct eye contact.


100ml Glass bottle

Inspired by our romantic, warm and sensual oil burner scent Byron, this room spray will open the heart and give a peaceful and settled feeling. This coconutty, suncreamy blend will transport you to a golden beach sunset. Perfect for yoga, relaxation and for use during the evening, Byron is the perfect companion to those quieter, more peaceful moments.

Contains 4-tert.-Butylcyclohexyl acetate and Coumarin.

A minimal modern oil burner made with heart and soul. Our Abel Burners and Oil Blends are passionately hand crafted from our home in Cornwall.

Whether you’re looking to bring calm into a chaotic family home, a sense of productivity into your home office or create a calming space for evening home yoga our oils and burners are designed to help you achieve a deeper level of connection with your environment.

Abel Burners orders are £4.95. Orders over £80 are FREE.

Note that this charge is for Abel Burners products only. If you order includes products from other suppliers on www.naturallycornish.com, you will be subject to their shipping charges as well.

At naturallycornish.com we want to change ‘throw away’ consumer culture, and give people a way to buy better. For us, this means promoting sustainable, ethical, local, and well-crafted products to you, the conscious consumer who prioritises quality, longevity and well-being over faddy, fast ‘n’ cheap.

Every item bought from naturallycornish.com comes from a good place. A place of restless drive and innovation, where small, independent companies live and die by their reputations.

A place where people adapt and modernise and progress and move with the world around them in the name of betterment for all. That place is Cornwall, and we can’t think of anything more worthwhile than supporting our industries and showcasing our craft around the world.

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